Plein Air Prospect Park- An Artist Takeover!

Artists takeover Prospect Park in Brooklyn! On Sat. 9/7 I'll be at the Nethermead meadow with @sugarlift for an afternoon of painting en plein air, picnicking and celebrating the end of summer! The first 20 artists to join me at 1pm will receive free watercolor blocks/pads from our sponsor @LegionPaper! Presented by @sugarlift hosted by artists @marcelodaldce @gunoaprk @luiscolanart @dinabrodksy and myself. The event is free but please register so we can have an idea of how many people are planning to join us. Can't wait to paint with you all!

Color And Brushwork Techniques for Landscape Painting In Oil At Chelsea Classical Studio

526 West 26th St, Studio #415, New York, NY 10001

September 15, 2019 10:00-5:00

September 22, 2019 10:00-5:00

$125 for one day/$225 for both

Elegy V (The Lost Carpet of the Great Beyond), oil on panel, 16” X 16,” 2019

Elegy V (The Lost Carpet of the Great Beyond), oil on panel, 16” X 16,” 2019

This is a two-day workshop during which we will explore ways to create a successful landscape painting from photographic references by accurate color mixing, layering, and varied markmaking. The student can sign up for one or both days. 

Day One: focus on color and techniques for an alla prima study of your chosen subject, while building the first layers of a more in depth exploration of that subject on a larger canvas. Topics will include how to successfully match the color for your chosen reference and how to build underlayers as a support to help you best translate your chosen reference into a painting.

Day 2: focus on strategies of color mixing, application, and layering to build on the infrastructure of the larger painting that was begun the week before. We will explore different ways to use brushes to create effects for sky, foliage, water, or whatever else is in the studen's reference photo. If a student only wants to attend for this second day, he or she can bring a painting that they have already been working on. 

Chelsea Classical Studio, Gamblin Colors and Princeton Brush Co have generously agreed to sponsor the event; students who attend will receive a pointed filbert brush from Princeton and a solvent and a medium from Gamblin.

See below for the suggested supply list. If you have any questions about substitutions, feel free to email


What can I bring into the event?

Below is the suggested supply list. If you have any questions about substitutions, feel free to email

Suggested Supply List

A photographic reference to work from-- it would be great if you could bring a few so we can choose one together

A canvas pad or at least two canvases or panels, one small (around 8" X 10," and one larger, anywhere from 11" X 14" to 16" X 20." The sizes are really the student's choice

Titanium White 

Lemon/ citron yellow

Cadmium yellow medium 

Yellow ochre 

Cadmium orange

An earth red like Rose Madder 

Alizarin crimson

Ultramarine blue 

Pthalo blue

Sap green 

Viridian green 

Dioxazine purple 

Burnt Siena 

Burnt Umber 

Raw Siena 

Ivory black 

Brushes: preferably a wide variety of sizes of filberts, rounds, and brights, and a few liner brushes for details 

Solvent- odorless mineral spirits in a silicoil jar. Anyone who prefers to avoid turp can clean their brushes in oil. You can use linseed oil but walnut oil from the grocery store is usually cheapest. I also recommend using dish soap to clean brushes. 

Palette- palette pad or a glass or plexiglass palette are best. Bigger is almost always better with palettes

Palette knife  

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?



What's the refund policy?

You can get a full refund up until a week before the workshop; after that, no refunds will be available.